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VOC is one of the leading govt. approved Valuers. We are associates of Government-Registered Valuers. We have to our credit, valuation work of commercial/ residential/Industrial premises for banks & limited Companies and for the purpose of wealth Tax Act, Income Tax Act & Gift Tax Act.

We provide Valuation/revaluation of Jewellery assets, properties, Land, Building, plant & machinery all under one roof.

In order to get best suggestion, excellent work, prompt services in respect of Valuation of Jewellery, property, Land & Building, we may be contacted. We have also added additional Man power and other facilities for giving maximum service to our Clients. As you are aware, we have been in this line since more than decades and have experience and worked under earlier amnesty Schmes: CBDT : 1985-86 and VDIS 1997 also.

I hope to give you the best of our personal attention and co-operation in the said matter.

A professional Jewellery & property Valuation, is approved by and Registered with the Income Tax Department and Valuers approved by Hon'ble High court, Chartered Engineers, Govt. approved Registered Valuers.

Our multi-discipline and upto-date data system enables us to provide our clients effective and efficient Jewellery & property Valuation services.

Jewellery Valuation

Highly skilled experts providing accurate assessments of all types of jewellery, essential when claiming insurance for lost, stolen or damaged.

Land & Building Valuation

We through our dedicated and experienced valuation team provide robust valuation services to assist our clients for a multitude of purposes.


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