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“I had my jewellery valued by a local jeweller. It was hand written and my CA wouldn’t accept it as it was for Wealth Tax purpose. P K Pakhawala did the valuation quicker than the local jeweller and produced an amazing valuation that was beautifully presented in its own folder. I will certainly be using him again.”

Rahul Modi, Surat

“I found P K Pakhawala Jewellers to be extremely helpful and professional in his services. I found out about them through their website and I have to say they were very friendly and arranged an appointment for me at short notice. During the valuation I felt very reassured by their professionalism and knowledge of the diamond and jewellery trade. They appraised my jewellery in front of me and after he was finished I received two documents detailing the specifications and valuation of the jewellery. I found this great as I could keep one for my own records and pass the other onto whosoever it may concern. At no time during our meeting did I feel the slightest bit worried about the security of my jewellery. I would definitely recommend P K Pakhawala for anyone looking to have their jewellery appraised.”

Jinendra Nath Jain, Kolkata

“I wanted my jewellery valued & searched for the same as i had to submit records to American Embassy for Visa so approached P K Pakhawala for valuations. It was precise & of International levels. I will be telling all my friends about the service.”

Sanjay Sharma, New Delhi

“Thank you for the most professional service of Kalyan Bhattacharya,. Their valuation reports always helped me to loans from various banks - I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.”

Mahesh Shah, Mumbai

“I had recommended many of my friends to P K Pakhawala & I M very happy as no Complaints Yet.”

Dipak Jain, Kolkata



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Highly skilled experts providing accurate assessments of all types of jewellery, essential when claiming insurance for lost, stolen or damaged.

Land & Building Valuation

We through our dedicated and experienced valuation team provide robust valuation services to assist our clients for a multitude of purposes.